About Us

Siam Control and Automation represent some of the worlds most innovative automation FrontPicmanufacturers.

We are proud to have been the UK Partner of RENU Electronics since 2001 and our wealth of knowledge on their FlexiPanel and FlexiLogic product range, our close links with the company at a marketing, product development and engineering level and our extensive stock holding make us the primary source for their FlexiPanel HMI and FlexiLogic PLC product range in the UK and beyond.

With extensive project based knowledge of the IDEC PLC range going back to 1993, we were honoured in 2006 to be appointed as one of only six Idec System Solution and Integration partners (ISSIP) in the UK. In this role we market, distribute and integrate IDEC PLC’s across a wide range of industries.

With more than 20 years experience in Factory Automation, Machine Control, Product Marketing and Systems Integration at Siam Control and Automation we pride ourselves in our ability to integrate“Best In Class” products from some of the worlds premier automation equipment manufactures to provide our customers and partners with “Solutions thru Innovation”

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