Cabot Square Fountain

In early 2012 Siam Control and Automation were contracted by Canary Wharf Management to upgrade the control system on the Cabot Square Fountain and Water Steps.

Cabot Square is a center piece of the prestigious Canary Wharf development in London’s Docklands. Overlooked by the main tower and some of the worlds best known financial institutions the fountain and water steps are a key land marks and a mecca for office workers, shoppers and tourists looking for a haven from the hustle and bustle of the wharf to have a coffee and a sandwich or just sit and admire the modern architecture.



The control system installed when the fountain and water steps were constructed in 1991 was based around the IDEC FA2 PLC which given it age and continuous use was starting to show signs of wear and tear leading to inconsistent operation of the system. To ensure minimal downtime Siam Control  and Automation decided that replacing the FA2 with the IDEC Microsmart Pentra was the most logical step. Using a combination of WinLDR 5.3 and Automation organiser the program conversion was relatively straight forward and some of the advanced features of the MicroSmart Pentra meant that the program could be rationalised leading to a reduced program size aiding fault finding for Canary Wharfs maintenance engineers.

The original system consisted of a large number of pusbuttons, selector switches and pilot lights, the new system utilises a 7″ touch screen on both the Fountain and Water Steps control panel to both reducing wiring and make the user interface and fault finding considerably easier.

The new control system restores many of the original features that had been in-operational for some time including.

  • Timed Operation to reduce energy usage
  • Automatic water makeup
  • Timed back wash filtering
  • Automatic Fountain height control based on wind speed.


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