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Ezi-Servo from Fastech is an innovative closed loop stepper motor and controller that combines the easy setup of stepper motors with the torque, positioning and high speed operation of Servo’s.

Ezi-Servo Closed Loop Stepper offers the performance of low end servos for not much more that the cost of a stepper system

Advantages over Open Loop Control Stepper Drives

  • Reliable positioning without loss of synchronisation
  • Stable position holding and auto recovery after positioning error due to external mechanical forces.
  • Ezi-Servo utilises 100% of full motor rated current.
  • Able to operate at high speed due to load-dependent current control.

Advantages over Servo Motor Controller

  • No gain tuning.
  • Maintains stable holding position without oscillation after completing positioning.
  • Fast positioning due to independent control by on-board DSP.
  • Continuous operation during rapid short-stroke movement due to instantaneous positioning.


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