FL05 Expandable PLC


FL05 Expandable PLC Range


The FL05 Expandable PLC

7H0A1786-Merged copy

Programmed in Ladder Logic or IEC 61131-3 programming languages and using the free integrated programming package Felxisoft the FL05 expandable PLC is clearly one of the most power, easy to use and flexible Small PLC’s available today.

With built in RS232/485 communications, Modbus drivers, high speed input and outputs the FL05 is more than equipped to tackle projects way above it’s size.

The FL05 is has 7 base modules with digital and analogue I/O combinations and supports upto 8 I/O modules.

Key Features:

  • DIN rail / Back panel mounted slim PLC
  • Supports upto 8 I/O modules
  • Transistor or Relay outputs
  • DC inputs, DC Outputs
  • Analog Inputs (Voltage, Current)
  • Analog Output (Current)
  • 32 Bit RISC processor
  • Built-in RTC
  • Support for High Speed Counters / Quaduature  (up to 200 KHz) and Timers
  • High Speed PWM output (100 KHz)
  • Simple Ladder programming using Windows based software
  • Support for LD, FBD, ST, SFC, IL type IEC61131-3 programming languages
  • Up-to 2 Serial Ports. Support for various PLC protocols
  • 1 USB Device Port
  • CE, UL Class1 Div2 approved

Click Here to Download a Datasheet

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