FL100 Ethernet PLC


With built in RS232/485 and Ethernet 10/100mbps communications, Modbus serial and TCP/IP drivers,  built in Webserver and USB host the FL100 PLC is the perfect solution for mid range I/O projects.

Key Features:

  • DIN rail / Back panel mounted compact PLC
  • Supports upto 16 I/O modules
  • Remote monitoring and programming over Modbus TCP/IP
  • 32 Bit RISC processor
  • Built-in RTC
  • Simple Ladder programming using Windows based software
  • Support for LD, FBD, ST, SFC, IL type IEC61131-3 programming languages
  • Up-to 2 Serial Ports. Support for various PLC protocols
  • USB Host
  • CE, UL Class1 Div2 approved

Click Here to Download a Datasheet

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