Protocol Converters

GWY610     gwy-300

The Gateway range of Protocol Converters from Renu Electronics give a range of interconnection options between devices such as PLC’s, HMI, Temperature Controllers, Variable Speed Drives and Servo Controllers irrespective of their individual protocols.

Available in models covering most industrial communication protocols and utilising a simple block transfer methods communicating between different manufactures devices has never been easier

Available Models:

GWY-00   – Serial to Serial RS232/422/485               read more
GWY-610 – Serial to Ethernet                                  read more
GWY-100 – Serial to LonWorks                                 read more
GWY-300 – Serial to CAN (J1939/CANopen Slave)      read more
GWY-500 – Serial to ProfiBus DP                              read more
GWY-800 – Serial to HART (with HART passthrough)  read more

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