United Arab Emirates Climate control and Altitude Training Facility

Siam Control and Automation are proud to have supplied and supported an innovative automation solution to enable Sporting Edge UK to complete a world beating project in the United Arab Emirates.

The Nad Al Sheba is new world class sports training and performance facility owned by a member of the Royal family.

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The Extreme Chamber takes altitude training to new heights by being able to simulate virtually any climate on the planet – including the top of Everest.

The two chambers which are the largest controlled by Sporting Edge, make it possible to train up to 25 athletes in any climatic condition they choose, in chambers finished to standards that exceed anything that has come before.  An amazing training experience awaits those athletes lucky enough to be able to train here, one that will give them an edge in their chosen field and provide the opportunity for them to reach the competitive standards necessary to compete at a world class level, without having to travel to altitude to do it. Not only will this facility allow athletes to get the benefit of altitude training it will also prepare them for any climatic conditions by being able to adapt to temperature, high humidity or dry conditions to suit a particular sporting venue or competition.

The chambers are controlled by Renu Electronics FL100 PLC’s and FP1512TN 12” HMI’s. These not only control de-humidifiers, humidifiers, and fridge plants to enable the chosen climatic condition to be achieved but also provide a high quality operator interface that fitted in well with the chambers overall design.

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To reduce wiring and facilitate communication between devices Sporting Edge utilised the powerful built-in communication features of the FL100 PLC and FP1512TN HMI to interface with the fridge plant and the facilities building management system.

The FP1512TN webserver functionality is utilised to display HMI screens relating to user settings on 84” HD screens with images that change based on the climate selected.

The Ethernet enabled FL100 PLC is also connected a Four Faith Industrial 3G Wifi Router that enables it to connect to both to the facilities network and via provides static 3G IP address allowing Sporting Edge to monitor and modify the PLC program from their UK offices.

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This altitude training capability is a leading edge installation that will showcase the technology and type of training standards all athletes around the world are going to have to use to stay competitive. With these chambers, Sporting Edge raises the bar once again in producing training and research environments that are simply in a class of their own.


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