The FlexiLogic Range of PLC’s offers a flexible solution from simple machines to complex process control applications.

With models ranging from 10  to 256 I/O programmed using a single software package the Flexlogic PLC family makes smart relays obsolete and reduces the investment for larger machines.

In conjunction with our partner Renu Electronics, Siam Control and Automation offer a single family from a single manufacturer offering a feature to price ratio that enables our customers to customise their product range to suit their market needs. 

FlexiLogic FL04 ECO Series PLC


>  DIN rail / Back panel mounted slim PLC
> Transistor or Relay outputs
> 32 Bit RISC processor
> DC inputs, DC Outputs
> High Speed Counters and Timers
> High Speed PWM output (Up-to 10 Khz)
> IEC61131-3/Native Ladder programming  

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FlexiLogic FL Series PLC

FlexiLogic Range

> DIN rail / Back panel mounted slim PLC
> Wide Range of I/O Modules 
> 32 Bit RISC processor
> High Speed Counters and Timers (upto 200kHZ)
> High Speed PWM output (Up-to 200kHZ)
> IEC61131-3/Native Ladder programming  

FL005 Expandable

FL005 Non-Expandable

FL055 High Performance Ethernet PLC